BK Suru
Bhavesh Kumar Suru
Creative Director
octave hotel & spa, bangalore vrs group rebranding — concept & design, signage, brochure, website, & business card
  • 1"It has been an incredible experience working with Bhavesh. Not only is he a well rounded designer, he is a thorough professional who puts his heart behind his work and stays true to his clients. Thank you for helping us create Octave from its inception." ~ Siddharth Goenka, Executive Director, Octave Hotels
  • 2"Bhavesh has been instrumental in giving our group of companies a fresh look and a new perspective that is modern, contemporary, and adaptable. Bhavesh has extremely strong work ethics and a sharp mind, qualities that are hard to find together in today's world. We wish him all the best." ~ Vishwanath Goenka, Chairman, VRS Group
  • 3"Thank you very much Bhavesh for all the hardwork & sleepless nights you have gone through to make the Global Winners AV for the children's competition 2012 . We appreciate your effort. Many thanks." ~ Group Publications, Group Corporate Affairs & Media, Tata Services Limited
  • 4"Middle East Commodities is one of the most interesting and sophisticated business magazines that I've come across. The MEC team has done an excellent job. Special thanks to Bhavesh for his creative support." ~ Dr. David J. S. Rutledge, Ex-Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • 5"Bhavesh is a genuinely hardworking, dedicated, reliable and a very honest person. As the Creative Director of Middle East Commodities publication, his efforts have been very crucial in creating such a classy magazine." ~ Andrew Peter Murphy, Managing Director, Midde East Commodities & United Alliance
Octave brand ID
Octave brand ID
Octave brand signage
Octave branding
Octave branding
Octave brochure
Octave website
Octave business card

I rendered creative direction and design in this rebranding project for Bangalore based Octave Hotel, which was formerly known as Vishwaratna Hotel. This project was aimed to give a makeover to the family-run boutique hotel, in order to create a more modern, adaptable and a very reliable perception for today's business traveler.

Octave stands for the interval between series of 8 musical tones where every note doubles in frequency. The Octave relationship is referred to as the 'basic miracle of music', also called the Solfége – Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, the Western counterpart of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa. Taking this musical inference further, I created a schematic replica of the Wind Chime – the most intrinsic source of music that plays by itself or with the help of the wind. The 8 dots represent 8 chimes, which translate to the '8 musical tones'. I arranged the 8 dots around 'O' for Octave to be the striker which is triggered by the wind, and which further leads to a chain-reaction of very soothing and comforting sounds of music. This structure follows suit with that of an actual wind chime when it is viewed from below. The website for Octave can be viewed here: www.octavehotels.com

I also created Octave's Brochure, Website, Business Card, and various collaterals for different campaigns. The collaterals can be viewed here: www.BKsuru.com/octave-campaigns