BK Suru
Bhavesh Kumar Suru
Creative Director
  • 1"It has been an incredible experience working with Bhavesh. Not only is he a well rounded designer, he is a thorough professional who puts his heart behind his work and stays true to his clients. Thank you for helping us create Octave from its inception." ~ Siddharth Goenka, Executive Director, Octave Hotels
  • 2"Bhavesh has been instrumental in giving our group of companies a fresh look and a new perspective that is modern, contemporary, and adaptable. Bhavesh has extremely strong work ethics and a sharp mind, qualities that are hard to find together in today's world. We wish him all the best." ~ Vishwanath Goenka, Chairman, VRS Group
  • 3"Thank you very much Bhavesh for all the hardwork & sleepless nights you have gone through to make the Global Winners AV for the children's competition 2012 . We appreciate your effort. Many thanks." ~ Group Publications, Group Corporate Affairs & Media, Tata Services Limited
  • 4"Middle East Commodities is one of the most interesting and sophisticated business magazines that I've come across. The MEC team has done an excellent job. Special thanks to Bhavesh for his creative support." ~ Dr. David J. S. Rutledge, Ex-Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • 5"Bhavesh is a genuinely hardworking, dedicated, reliable and a very honest person. As the Creative Director of Middle East Commodities publication, his efforts have been very crucial in creating such a classy magazine." ~ Andrew Peter Murphy, Managing Director, Midde East Commodities & United Alliance
about me

Design, the 'word' of the century, perhaps every century, or perhaps when it was first discovered by the homo-sapiens on cave walls — design is everywhere and design is immortal!

As much as I drove myself away from it, it came back to me, rather grew within me as a true passion; and now it's the very basis of my existence and inseparable from my stance. With over 10 years of comprehensive experience in design, and academics in branding, advertising, journalism, media and IT, I believe I can design anything that can communicate with an impact!

When communicating an advertisement or sales objective, the design no doubt has to be imaginitive, visually appealing, and packed with immaculate detailing; but the design also has to carry the right blend of direct and aesthetic messaging in context with the right need and emotion of the audience or consumer. When communicating a corporate objective, more than the nature of the brand, the design has to communicate the brand's vision, mission and promise for the long-run.

Aesthetic gratification alone is the prerogative of fine arts, which is personal and seldom understood by all. For a design to attain fine balance between visual treat and rational sense, and to seamlessly deliver the intended message to every intending mind; is an art that is one of a kind – timeless yet evolving.

how i work

Whether you're a brand driven organization, a conglomerate, an established business or a mere startup, paying big bucks to the "ad agencies" is not always the best resort. You, me and your business can go on a long journey – a more affordable one!

When you hire me as your Creative Director, I sincerely put in my time and effort in understanding your business philosophy,
your vision and target market/audience; and accordingly help you shape your corporate image, as well as your communication with your customers and/or clients. From the time of inception, to market positioning, to getting your competitive edge over rivals, I can be involved at every stage to look after your branding, advertising, promotional mix, media mix, web presence, social media and the list is endless...

I work with my own team as well as in conjunction with other trusted professionals, agencies, and various expertise across the world to ensure that your every requirement is met in terms of content, aesthetics, creativity, quality, time and place. No matter where we are on the globe, it's easier these days to get in touch and seek optimum clarity and understanding.

With no pebbles of jargons and false claims on the road, but sheer originality and perfection at every milestone; I can assure you this journey will also be a smooth and reliable one...